Melissa has been working with people for 23 years. After studying for her dual BA she began to be obsessed with empowering ones self this led her to studying and certifying in various methods of coaching–this combined skill set allows for her to help the client achieve outcomes that they may have never thought possible or dreamed of. Studying for over a decade with many light workers in the profession including field guide Denise Lewis Premchak, Quantum coaching with John McKenna, and is a Master NLP provider/practitioner studying with Michael Brundant at INLP Center. For Melissa it’s always how can I serve people better. She combines her coaching with the nightly use of yoga nidra deep relaxation which she personalizes to your specific outcomes to aid you in real life shifts.

Coaching Package:

Includes five coaching sessions. The first coaching session is in-person; the remaining four may be held in-person or over the phone for your convenience. Features personalized yoga nidra meditation for nightly use. Employing the practice of yoga nidra for 6-10 weeks can be extremely beneficial.

cost: $425.00 (5th session is free)

Add a personalized yoga routine to the above package:


A la carte coaching:

45 minutes:


1 hour 15minutes: