Melissa’s Hair Experience:


Melissa Walker is a Master Stylist of 23 years. What defines a Master Stylist? Don’t be fooled! The term Master Stylist has become overused term and often lacks meaning to the customer. A true Master Stylist has gone through an apprenticeship at the beginning of their career, has done platform work in the industry, has taught some form of hairdressing techniques to other designers,  and spends $1,000+/year  to remain educated in their fields of expertise. Master Stylists travel around the globe to obtain their education and employ the finest cutting shears in the industry, costing up to $7,000 per shear. The special design and length of each shear makes it suitable to cut in different fashions; for example, dry cutting without fraying the hair. In addition, Master Stylists change the razor for each and every cut, as we know you’re worth the money it costs to do this.

There are countless reasons a Master Stylist is worth their bread and butter — the client should feel elevated, understood, listened to and, most importantly, leave feeling great! Melissa strives to deliver effortless style that work with her customer’s unique lifestyle and important life events. She believes that a hairdresser is not doing their job if their customers are not dinner talk! Melissa says this with a smile remembering a client of 20 years who stated, “Well, Tom met his brother’s new wife. She is also a stylist. I asked him how it went and he said ‘She is no Melissa!'”

Melissa loves her clients and works hard to retain them. She believes that service is of the utmost importance in a world that is hectic, and as such, relationships are extremely important to Melissa.

Melissa’s Yoga Experience:

Melissa began her yogic journey 18 years ago during college. Hansa Knox’s classes informed her practice. After a car accident in 2010, Melissa took her yogic journey deeper studying with Derik Eselius at Axis Yoga teacher trainings. Melissa is a certified teacher and has has trained with Brenna Hatima,Nova Loverro and ayurveda with Susan Danzig. After healing herself through yoga, Melissa has developed a passion for sharing the epic journey of yogic lifestyle with others and has a true determination to teaching others about yoga’s many benefits.